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Xnxx nezw Theories on how the planet was able to rebound from this level of devastation vary.Paleogeologist Ken MacLeod of the University of Missouri in Columbia tried to shed some light on the issue by studying tiny fish fossils measuring about the size of a grain of sand found in Tunisia.We thought that we could resolve this question by looking at fossilised bits of fish teeth scales and bones from the El Kef section in Tunisia Dr MacLeod told studied tiny fish fossils in Tunisia that measured about the size of a grain of sand. Clockwise from the top left 2 small vertebrae several rows of teeth 5 rows of scales and a jumble of grains most of which are bone fragmentsWHY DID THE DINOSAURS GO EXTINCTDinosaurs ruled and dominated Earth around 66 million years ago before they suddenly went extinct.The CretaceousTertiary extinction event is the name given to this mass extinction.It was believed for many years that the changing climate destroyed the food chain of the huge reptiles.In the 1980s archaeologists discovered a layer ofiridium.This is an element that is rare on Earth but is found in vast quantities in space.When this was dated it coinc

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